Miniature sculptures to wear. Visiting the BABS Gallery in Milan.

Beyond art before sculture or just BABS. A new gallery dedicated to contemporary jewelry was opened in the center of Milan. You will not find sparkling diamonds, precious metals or contemporary design there. Instead you will admire plasticity and fantasy of ideas, sculptural approach, artist world view and interpretation.

The idea of new art space belongs to the collector and researcher of contemporary art Barbara Lo Bianca. The gallery aims to collaborate with painters, sculptors and artists of various visual and plastic disciplines and to create unique and limited jewelry pieces.

I was impressed by the work of Israeli sculptor Orna Ben-Ami. Former correspondent and news editor, she began to work with metal. Orna focuses on ordinary that accompanies us every day. Her sculptures tell story, they contain memories. They evoke emotions, interact with us.

“For me, objects are representing people” she said.

The jewelry of the Italian artist Jessica Carroll dedicated to the bee which can have a rest on the small slabs carved in black Belgium marble or which can hover around and trace various trajectories.  Her works are full light and dynamic movement.

The sculptural jewelry of the Italian artist Alex Pinna are incredibly plastic and harmonious. Fanciful figure from an imaginary playful children universe became protagonist of his pieces. Thin little man with an elongated body and fragile shoulders perched on rings and earrings and intently contemplate everything around. It does not impose, does not shout, but offers conversation, reflections.

The jewelry of the Italian artist Antonio Paradiso is entirely dedicated to the pigeon. Its flight is fascinating. The artist says: “I always dreamed with my eyes closed. At the moment I saw a pigeon take a wing in search of its other half, I realized how mysterious this flight is: movements release the joy that accumulated inside the bird all the time, a challenge to the essence, complete liberation”.

The idea of ​​the gallery is that you can not only oberve and admire art, but also wear it. It interacts and plays with the wearer. A tactile element appears. Each miniature wearable sculture is enriched with new meanings and emotions.



Via Maurizio Gonzaga, 2 ang. Piazza Diaz

20123 Milano (Italy)