A visit to Irene Belfi Gallery in Milan. The THINKING HAND #01 Exhibition

The new oasis dedicated to contemporary jewelry was opened in April in Milan. Ideated by a young Italian, with a great passion for the arts, the space presents to the Milanese public Jewellery portraying ideas beyond pure decoration; pieces that carry stories, emotions and thoughts and become a symbol of both the creator’s and wearer’s personalities.

The first collective exhibition Thinking hands #1 presented 7 artists from different countries: Holland, Korea, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. 

Using various techniques, the artists approach jewellery in a singular way; from ancient wood to resin and from gold to stones they create narrative pieces that are not solely ornamental, but above all real pieces of contemporary art.

Necklace by Christopher Thompson-Royds

Earrings by Christopher Thompson-Royds

Earrings by Tatjana Giorgadse

Brooch by Sunyoung Kim


Brooch by Sunyoung Kim

Brooch by Benedikt Fischer

Benedikt Fischer


Rings by Kiko Gianocca




Via Nino Bixio 12, 20129 Milano