The paper jewelry design. The Carte Preziose Exhibition

Yesterday I visited the exhibition which amazed me by its creativity, artistic vision and inventive approach. The extremely common material was reborn in the new unique forms.

The exhibition curated by Marina Chiocchetta and Bianca Cappello at the Rossini Gallery was dedicated intirely to the paper jewelry. 24 artists explore an apparently simple material and assemble it into endless combinations of colors and shapes. The designers play with paper, creating volumes and collaged recycled paper elements. They embellish it with paint, beads, stones, findings and silver. This exhibition demonstrate us that the paper jewelry can be original, elegant and full of imagination.

Roberto Zanon


Noemi Gera

Noemi Gera

Martine Horstman

Michela Boschetto

Rosanna Frapporti

Francesca Mazzotta

Zoe Keramea

Caterina Crepax

Daniele Papuli

Alba Folcio

Fernando Masone

Andreas Recondo

Ela Cindoruk


The Rossini Gallery

viale Monte Nero, 58 Milan