Daniela e Marzia Banci. Tradition in Modernity. Jewelry exhibition in Padua

The exhibition “Tradition in Modernity” of the jewellers Daniela e Marzia Banci took place in Padua from the 24th of February to the 8th of April in thein the historic Padua building Palazzo Zuckermann, which contains collections of Applied and Decorative Arts.

Unusual linear and geometric forms of their jewelry, distinguished by careful details and jewelry technique, alternated with more complex and elaborated designs.


In the late 1970s Marzia Banci graduated in Applied Metal- and Goldsmithing Art from the Art Institute Apolloni in Fano.In the same years, she trained at the workshop of Francesco Facchini, one of the most innovative goldsmiths of the time. She graduated from the University of Venice IUAV with a degree in architecture. Marzia has taught professional drawing and goldsmithing at the Apolloni Institute in Fano, at the Pietro Selvatico in Padua and in Vittorio Veneto.

Her jewels originate from her meditation about essential life themes. Her analysis of myths, archetypes, biology and architecture provode her  with groundwork to design her creations.

Soffione Ring. White and yellow gold, diamonds


Mar di Marmara necklace. White gold, diamonds, rock crystal, rose quartz

A goldsmith and architect Daniela Banci graduated from the Art Institute in Fano, specialising in Applied Metal Arts and Goldsmithing. She trained at the workshop of Manucci’s student Alberto Giorgi, who helped her develop her jewelry-making skills and axpress her artistic talent that focuses on the design and manufacture of three-dimensional objects. After the diploma in 1981, Daniela and her sister inaugurated the studio ‘Banci Gioielli’.

Castelazione Cassiopea Necklace. Yellow gold, silver

Necklace La luna non puo separarsi dalla Terra. Silver, chalcendony, white agate

Both architects with a solid training in jewelery and applied arts, they use materials in unexpected ways, tirelessly working on them to distress them and to create contrasting effects. Clean, linear jewels evolve into complex constructions in which past symbols and educated references to the Italian cultural heritage are personally elaborated.