Jewelry. From Antiquity to the Present

Publisher:  Thames&Hudson, 2012

Language: English

Review: Interesting journey from shell beads worn by Palaeolithic hunters, beauties of Egyptian and Byzantine jewelry art through Renaissance gold work and Art Nouveau enamels to experimental and contemporary jewelry of the last three decades. The jewelry history is harmonically and deeply embedded into social and cultural context and accompanied by both black-and-white and colors illustrations. Essential and laconic overview about all historical steps in jewelry art.

About the author: Clare Philips is a curator in the Metalwork, Silver & Jewellery Department at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her publications include Jewels and Jewellery (2000) and contributions to Art Nouveau 1890-1914 (2000) and Art Deco 1910-1939 (2003). She lectures on jewellery at London’s Victoria & Albert Museun and is a committee member of the Society of Jewellery Historians.



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