A story of a toi et moi ring

What do you think about such a story for this simple gold toi et moi ring with diamond and blue sapphire.

A promising army officer falls madly in love with a widow whose husband had met his fate at the guillotine for supporting the revolution. She is six years older, with two children and several lovers in a closet.
Not rich officer buys this ring with his last money as demonstration of his intense love and makes a proposal to his beloved. They are getting married. Let’s say, for example, on the 9th of March

Probably this ring would have remained “simple”, if not to add that the story took place in France in 1796, the promising officer was Napoleon, and the flirty widow – Josephine.

And even this ring was sold at auction for an amount exceeding almost 50 times the estimate, rapidly striving for 1 million, on my opinion a ring given to Josephine by Napoleon in the same year and now in the Musée de Malmaison collection in France is much more intimate, precious, “chamber” in a jewelry sense. It was made og gold and enamel with their initials and an inscription “amour sincere”.


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