5 student jewelry works

At the beginning of this year I decided to launch an initiative on my Instagram page consisting in promoting original, conceptually rich and technically crafted jewelry of young jewelry students from all over the world. In this article I would like to write about five artists and their works featured on my blog till now.

A student from George Brown School of Jewellery Roozbeh Rastegar has been working on a collection to create illusive pieces of jewellery.  Using enameling on fine silver, the designer created this totally flat brooch which tricks the viewer’s eyes and looks like 3D. He would like to draw attention to the idea that we shouldn’t always accept what we see at first glance, facts and reality are not always exposed to the audience on the initial viewing.

Silver and enamel brooch by Roozbeh Rastegar

Inspiring by experience of becoming a mother and breastfeeding, Moriah Levine-Pollack from Bezalel Academy of art and design in Israel created the silver and pyrex brooch. The images of the lactation process in the female body guided her design. The aim of her work consisted in conveying the feelings she was experiencing of self-reduction in order to give life to another human being. The concept of a need to lessen oneself, to allow space for something new is reflected in the design.
A contemporary material pyrex gave the artist the possibility to create a see through object that was delicate and fragile and allowed a viewer to see the process.

Silver and pyrex brooch by Moriah Levine-Pollack

A photographer discovered her second passion later in life in jewerly and silversmithing Barbara Salinas is a student from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her sterling silver and brass sea horse cuff is comptely handcrafted and represents progression of her life from the country to the beach, evolution of her artistic path.

Sterling silver and brass sea horse cuff by Barbara Salinas

 A copper and turquoise Bridge Chain pendant by Suzie Ivanka from Práter Ötvös school in Budapest refers to the connection between people. There is also a little hidden meaning, as there is a bridge in Budapest called Chain Bridge.

Copper and turquoise Bridge Chain pendant by Suzie Ivanka

3D printed nylon with silver inlay bangle by Laura Knowles from Glasgow School of Art is from the designer’s collection reflecting  a developing conversation around Artificial Intelligence and the everyday.  Applying Artificial Intelligence to jewellery, often considered an everyday object, reveals to her a number of anxieties and apprehensions in how we might utilise technology in future designs.

Fears of ‘deepfakes’ combined with future generations of ‘trans-humans’ led to an investigation of human faces as a subject matter for the collection. By mimicking AI’s function of sculpting, and extruding AI generated faces, the collection consists of wearable artefacts reflect a conversation between the machine and the designer.

3D printed nylon with silver inlay bangle by Laura Knowles


If you are still a student, send me one your jewelry pieces and in case it’s in line with the blog vision (of course an image should have a good quality), I will dedicate a post to a jewelry piece and its artist.