Romancing the Sea by Chiara Passoni

Jewelry by the Italian designer Chiara Passoni is inextricably linked to her life experience, reflects her values, expresses her inner world and feelings. She is a professional diver and her love for the sea permeates all her jewelry art. The scrupulous material choice is concretized and takes shape that embaraces an important story for the designer: the story about life in balance with nature, a harmonious coexistence.

The marine chain connects her passion for diving and discovery of the underwater world, gems refer to the power of nature’s imagination that has captivated the designer since childhood, and rare African woods embody beauty and magic of the continent where Chiara had lived for several years. It seems that nature itself prompts her with materials, which she transforms into jewelry stories, endowing each of them with meaning and value.


Chiara Passoni. 18-karat gold and bone cuff

In my opinion the Jurassic collection has become the quintessence of the designers values. Chiara not only used material that is extraordinary for the jewelry art, but also gave tangibility to the idea that fascinates her. Despite its unusual design, Jurassic jewelry carries exactly the meaning that is embedded into it. It immediately creates a vivid impression, then agitates and puzzles, and after all it makes you see its incomprehensible beauty.

Chiara Passoni. Bracelet. Sapphires, diamonds, gold and fossilized teeth of prehistoric sharks that lived on our planet at least 5 million years ago.

“Lots of people think that a shark is dangerous, — Chiara said. — During my scuba diving career I was lucky to have met with these extraordinary creatures. They are elegant, mysterious and adrenaline-pumping. This experience changed my vision and attitude towards these animals. The shark may seem a dangerous animal, but it is very fragile that is of great importance to the marine ecosystem and unfortunatly is on the verge of extinction. ”

Chiara uses gold, precious stones, diamonds and fossil teeth of prehistoric sharks that lived on our planet millions of years ago. She prefers not to change their color: the permineralization process takes thousands of years and depends entirely on the chemical composition of the soil sediment. Fossils are not identical and always contain a unique trace of nature.

Chiara Passoni. Gold pendent with ammonite, pink tourmaline and chrome diopside

Chiara gave to the personal experience a precious object form, with which she would like not only change a perception of a fearsome predator, but also to draw attention to their preservation as a biological species. The words “Respect your Nature” engraved on each jewelry piece from the Jurassic collection call to live in harmony with nature, treats it and its inhabitants with respect.

Chiara Passoni. Earrings. Gold, pink sapphires, diamonds and fossilized teeth of prehistoric sharks

To learn more about Chiara Passoni and see her amazing creations, visit her site or instagram account.