Poetic jewelry paintings. Robert Smit

The Dutch artist Robert Smith is one of the leading jewelers of our time. His jewelry blurs the boundaries of traditional jewelry art, his art looks like graphics with vivid color elements and poetic context.

Robert started to make jewelry quite early: at the age of 19 he repaired jewelry for a jewelry store in his hometown Delft. During this period he met the artist Jan Schoonhoven, who belonged to the experimental Zero group and was known for his studies of light, form and volumes through sculptural reliefs, made of corrugated cardboard, papier-mâché and plywood. Robert visited the artist almost every day, fascinated by his work.

Jan Schoonhoven. Painted papier mâché on wood, 1972

Jan Schoonhoven. Ink on paper, 1985

Jan Schoonhoven. Ink on paper, 1982

It was he who encouraged Robert to apply for the Staatliche Kunst + Werkschule in Pforzheim (Germany).

Brooch. Gold, rubies

The artist dedicated a collection of works to his dog Bello, a childhood friend. Spontaneously arrangements of lines and figures created associations of funny poses of a playful dog.

Necklace Dog with Red Mouth, 1997. 18ct gold, lacquer

Brooch Bello as a still life. Gold, pearl, painted

His abstract painting figures are based on personal memories, narrate about familiar things in a witty and expressive way.

Brooch, 1991. Gold

Letter to Madonna delle Dolomiti

He is a poet who translates his thoughts into jewelry. This brooch was made as an echo on his walks through the streets of the Italian city of Padua, where he met with his colleagues, Italian jewelry artists.

Brooch Walking in Padova, 2002. Gold, silver, steel, paint

His jewelry pieces are similar to paintings or sketches on gold, applique works in bright colors, in which the artist reseached his line, rhythm and artistic structure.

To get to know more about the artist and see more his creations visit his website.