Marzia Rossi. Italian elegance

Incredible jewelry from the Italian jeweler Marzia Rossi. Rough, irregular surfaces extenuated by feminine and refined elements and details.

The jeweller studied in Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School under artist jewelers Giampaolo Babetto, Manfred Bischoff and Robert Smit. Her works were exhibited at various exhibitions and art galleries around the world. She is currently teaching in Alchimia School and she’s continuing her research in her atelier in Florence, Italy.

Necklace Una casa nel bosco, 2014. Gold, silver, gold leaf

Eing, 2014. White gold, freshwater pearls

Necklace, 2007. Lapislazuli, acrylic glass, gold, shibuichi, 2007

Brooch, 2005. Arylic glass, white gold

Necklace She’s gone. Silver, agate beads, ruby beads, silk thread

Brooch, 2010. German silver, tourmaline

Brooch, 2003. Acrylic glass, silver, oil

Ring, 2007. Shibuichi, gold, pyrite

Her one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces are amazing and reveal the interplay between real and imagined. To see more jewellery creations visit the artist’s website.