Laura Cadelo Bertrand. Jewellery poetry

The wearable art of italian artist Laura Cadelo Bertrand is a jewelry poetry. It’s like reading a book. Fantastic!
She began her career as a production designer, Butoh dancer and choreographer. Daughter of painter and cartoonist Silvio Cadelo, she was exposed to the arts from the beginning.
Since 1997 Laura has excelled in jewellery design and sculpture, she works in precious, semi-precious and common metals, producing some of the most breath-taking and unique designs seen to date.
In 2006, she co-founded the Space Art “Viaduegobbitre” in Reggio Emilia, which organizes regular art exhibitions with numerous guest artists.
In 2010 the artist opened a new workshop and retail space in Reggio Emilia, in northern Italy.


Necklace Scilla e cariddi


Necklace Bzzzbbzzz


Earrings Da diverse prospettive


Necklace Dama con ermellino


Rings Finger food


Necklace Autumn leaves


Earrings C’era una volta


Necklace Giro giro tondo


Brooch appunti di viaggio


Brooch Veloce moderato


Necklace Viva Cesare


For more info about the artist and the works visit her profile page.