Atelier Munsteiner. Unconventional and expressive stone cut

During my last trip to New York I was fortunate to meet with jewelers from Germany Tom and Jutta Munsteiner. Their jewelry always featured always unique and modern fantasy gemstone cut constantly flashes in social networks and art magazines. Talking and learning about their artistic vision and creative process, getting to know the people “behind the brand”, was really exciting.

With Tom and Jutta Munsteiner and their son Philip. Aaron Faber gallery, New York

Atelier Munsteiner was founded by Bernd Munsteiner in 1973 in Stipshausen which is close to the famous gemstone centre of Idar-Oberstein. He was born in a family of jewelers and stone cutters and for over forty years has been experimenting with cutting shapes and facets. Like a sculptor Bernd approached every gem, playing with light and expressiveness. He was the first master who went against the traditional gemstone cutting and proposed his new fantasy approach and vision, focusing mainly on transparent stones.

Gold pendant with amethyst and citrine

Tom Munsteiner followed in his father’s footsteps and joined him in the business in 1997 after years of training. His work is influenced by modern architecture and sculpture. He works with trasparent crystal gemstones such as tourmaline, aquamarine, granate, citrine, amethyst and creates unique and outstanding design cut. When you see a note “Munsteiner cut” next to the stone name in the description of the jewelry piece, now you know exactly who is behind this beauty.

Gold ring with acquamarine

18ct yellow gold and platinum erotik ring with acquamarine, garnet and diamond

For Tom crystals reflect the play of light and are breathtaking testimonials of natural beauty. The crysral is not just dead stone, it exists at the threshold between inanimate and animate nature like something organic. That’s why Tom juxtapose clean, geometric lines and shapes with spherical, organically soft round shapes. Developing the concept of “negative cutting”, Tom creates unique gemstone designs for jewelry and large crystal sculptures.

This pendant stole my heart. The beautiful color transition is due to accurate cut of agate stone. Layer by layer.

Gole pendant with agate relief and diamond

The work of Jutta Munsteiner was originally focused on jewelry design, however, close cooperation with Atelier prompted her to develop her own stone cutting designs. She brings femininity and expressiveness to her jewelry, paying attention to uniqueness and expression.

Yellow gold bracelet with tourmaline

From the outset the Atelier chose a thorny path of abandoning the traditional, “ideal” gemstone design and decided to develope their own creative approach following personal artistic vision. Well, it worked. Now their jewelry and gem cutting design are valued and desired all over the world.

Gold ring with scultural gemstone cut and diamond

PLatinum Extensions with tourmaline