Jewelry mood in ‘Bridgerton’

Finally I watched the Bridgertons, which had became the most popular Netflix series and been widely criticized for historical inaccuracy.
I could never realize why to scold for something that no one a priori claimed?

Everything is deliberately interpreted, heavenly beautiful, bright, fulled with flowers. At balls they dance to Billie Eilish, the queen has a high hairstyle put into dreadlocks, and the Featherington family dresses have bright prints of the 50s, what immediately distinguish them from the noble Bridgertons.

There are many jewelry. Too much. They shine and sparkle, but not with the true diamond brilliance, but with the fantasy of costume designer. They are only for enhancing the characters, for more faster and subconscious reading of them.
By the way in the series everything develops quickly enough. Scenes, dialogues, character development.

What is more interesting and fascinating are the symbolic details: bloody marks on skin left by a corset, fluffy feathers that women either wear or write with them, the bee constantly circling in the frame, the colors palette belonging to each family.

This series is nothing more than fantasy, fanfiction, in which the Regency norms are only for moving the plot ahead. It’s a visual pleasure where rather clichéd topics are raised in an alternative simplified way.