Precious Paper. Paper Jewellery Design

Publisher: Skira, 2018

Language: Italian, English

Review: This book contains 20 pop-up jewels created by world-renowned designers and contemporary artists who have worked with paper for many years.  For the first time was highlighted the preciousness of this extremely common material and the importance of recycling and not wasting it. All the items were made of 100% recycled paper that is treated using environmentally friendly processes, then tinted with vegetable-based dyes and skilfully hand-moulded.

The descriptions of the paper jewellery and black-and-white illustrations are accompanied by curious and interesting articles that explore the history of paper jewellery and the development of various forms of papermaking, from ancient times to the present.

About the author: Jewellery historian and critic Bianca Cappello is also a teacher, coordinator and curator of exhibitions, seminars and conferences devoted to the history of jewellery and costume jewellery. She has served as a museum and curatorial consultant and has written several books on this subject, including Storia della Bigiotteria Italiana (2016) and Il Gioiello nel Sistema Moda. Storia, Design, Produzione (2017).

Bracelet by Paolo Ulian

Bracelet by Dario Cestaro

Ring by Kate Burgess

Necklace by Angela Simone

Necklace by Zoe Keramea

Necklace by Gianluca Bartellone

Bracelet by Tithi Kutchamuch