Writing a jewel. Alfredo Rapetti Mogol

I was particularly interested in the exhibition of Alfredo Rapetti Mogol in the Milan art gallery BABs.

Alfredo is a songwriter. He has worked with both Italian and foreign artists of international fame, some of whom include Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Il Divo, Josh Groban, Santana, Mina, Nek, Adriano Celentano. His songs have hit the top ten charts in over thirty countries.
Alfredo also works with the “word” visually. He carves it, sculpts, gives a texture, a volume, makes it more tangible.

Nastya Ivlieva with Alfredo Rapetti Mogol

His last research consists in deconstruction of phrases on a canvas. The author destroys them, creates strange graphic scraps, mixes letters.
This concept was embodied in jewelry.
An artist who has been working with the word all his life and was capable to convey a whole emotion into it, decided to make it simply incomprehensible.

Bronze ring AM EAT E, 2020. 1/30. Photo credits: Valentina Tamborra

You should admit that “a word” is not so popular nowadays, it loses its importance, value. Beautiful melodic language is less frequent.
In his jewelry these confusing phrases are easily readable. You just need to take a closer look. Through destruction a word re-acquires its sense, by the observer, becomes more valuable.

Love Pendant, 2020. Photo credits: Nastya Ivlieva

Bronze ring LETTERA, 2020. 1/50. Photo credits: Nastya Ivlieva

Silver bracelet LAN IM ARES TA, 2020. 1/30. Photo credits: Valentina Tamborra

Painting by Alfredo Rapetti Mogol. Photo credits: Nastya Ivlieva

Bronze enamel ring LETTERA, 2020. 1/50. Photo credits: Valentina Tamborra


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