So Young Park. Ancient craft and modern design

So Young Park is originally from South Korea. At an early age she found interest in the arts and concentrated in fine art painting at an art high school. Afterwards she attended Kon-Kuk University in Seoul, South Korea. She had new experiences there which brought metals into her life.  After earning a BFA and a MFA in metal and jewelry in 1999, she opened her own studio called DuDuRim. She participated in solo and group exhibitions as a metalsmith and jewelry artist throughout Korea from 1997 to 2000.

In 2001 she decided to come to United States and broaden here experiences with metalsmithing, people, and life in general. She graduated with a second MFA in metal and jewelry design from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2003. Currently she is running her own jewelry and metals studio called So Young Park Studio. She is actively participating in shows and exhibitions, nationally and internationally, as a jewelry and metalsmithing artist.

Her works are publicized in the Lark Book series: 1000 Rings, 500 Brooches, 500 Wedding Rings, and 500 Gemstone Jewelry by Linda Darty and many other different magazines and catalogs, including the SOFA New York and Chicago Catalogs.

So Young Park’s contemporary jewelry forms and theory are inspired from her thesis, Nativity and memories from her childhood. She grew up near the ocean in southern part South Korea. So Young used to play with sea life and plants and collected many different kinds of shells and pebbles. She loved touching and observing the surface texture and pattern of shells and various naturally shaped pebbles during her happy childhood.

Her jewelry art forms are assembled through the harmonic use of wires, tiny discs, engraved patterns, and textures forged of gold or silver, creating elegant, yet unusual visual forms. The use of wires, small discs, textures, and other small elements represent the single cells that makeup all life. Each piece contributes to long and painful process to create a beautiful and unusual art forms.

Brooch Sunrise. 18k yellow gold, agate

Brooch Nativity. Oxidized silver, fresh water pearls

Brooch Inner Sight. Oxidized silver, japanese lacquer

Garden. Oxidized silver, fresh water pearls, 24k gold leaf, various stones

Brooch Square See. Oxidized silver, garnet, peridot

Drop by Drop. Oxidized silver

Ring Chrysanthemum. Oxidized silver, 18k yellow gold, tourmaline

Brooch Blue words. Oxidized silver, turquoise, garnet

Cuff. Oxidized silver, 24k gold leaf

Brooch Sprouting lii. Gold, tourmaline

Observing Ocean. Oxidized silver, mabe pearl, 18k yellow gold, various stones

More amazing works of the artist you can visiting her site. It is an incredible world of jewellery creations and talented craftsmanship.



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