Precious Jolly Roger

Probably not one symbol is so popular as an ancient and rich interpretated symbol of skull. Human mortality and fearlessness in the face of death, destiny and container of spirit, vital energy and intelligence, memento mori and opposition of fate. It brings together a completely different group of people. It became a favorite symbol of pirates, bikers, SS men, hussars, military, pilots, rockers, goths, punks, emo.

There were vanitas paintings, still life that usually included a skull among other inanimate objects. It was immensely popular in the Netherlands beginning in the 17th century and symbolized the transience of life, the futility of pleasure and ephemerality.

Surrealistic work In Voluptas Mors by Salvador Dali teamed up with photographer Philippe Halsman created the black-and-white photo of nude women, arranged to resemble a macabre skull, and linked mortality and sexuality.

The contemporary artist Damien Hirst encrusted the platinum skull with diamonds, raising the eternal theme of the confrontation between the denial of death and its inevitability.

The Indian sculptor Subodh Gupta created a huge skull of sparkling stainless steel stuff, buckets, pans, which interpreted the cyclical nature of the market mechanism and fast-moving consumption.

Jewelry art could not stay away. So today’s potpourri I dedicate to this beloved and ancient symbol.


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