Nicola Heidemann. A dialogue with nature

Nicola Heidemann was born in 1965 in Munich, she started in 1985 with selfeducated training in her own studio,
reseaching and experimenting in different technologies autodidactically. With the work Nicola wants to express the connection with nature. She says: “Hints are more interesting for the mind , as a complete explication. I try to give back the secrets to a gemstone or a colour”

Bracelet Underneath every city there is the green earth, 2016 Silver, green glass

Earrings Secret blue, 2016. Silver, glass

Necklace Snow on the fields. Silver, oxidised, enamel, ruby

Necklace Mandarines, 2016. Silver, low temperature enamel, pigment, glass

Bracelet Woven. Silver oxidised

Brooch Green planet. Silver, copper,oxidised, chromdiopside

Earrings How the light get’s in orange. Silver, orange glass, enamel, pigment

Ring Hidden green. Silver, green glass, prasiolith

Necklace Pebble beach, 2016. Silver, low temperature enamel, pigment, glass

Ring Small world green, 2016. Silver, low temperature enamel, glass

Necklace Willow leaves. Silver, copper oxidised

Visit the artist’s website to see more amazing jewellery pieces.


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