Eva Martin. Storyteller

The UK artist Eva Martin creates miniature worlds in her jewelry that invite exploration, she hides little secrets in her pieces. “This discovery makes you smile,” Eva says on her website. “There’s a child-like delight in finding something you know others haven’t noticed or will never know about.”

She trained to be a jeweler at North Bennet Street School in Boston Massachusetts, a school acclaimed for traditional craftsmanship. I have recently taken a post as a part-time instructor at the school and am thoroughly enjoying teaching there.

Eva presently lives in Boston, MA, though I take commissions from all over the world. She gets to know her clients very well through emails and conversations. And she gets to the heart of their stories to design pieces that will come to life with such deliberate meaning. “I find this storytelling one of the most exciting and satisfying parts my job,” she says. “It makes each piece unique and very meaningful to the recipient”.


Snowglobe ring. 2009 Saul Bell Design Award Winner. 18k white gold, 24k gold, diamonds, toughened glass dome, glycerine, marine sealant


Tango rings. 18k white gold, emeralds and rubies


Temple Tree Cuff. 2008 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Arts Awards Winner. Engraved oxidized sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, beryllium treated orange sapphires


Rockpool ring. 18k white gold, green & blue sapphires


Carouselling cufflinks. 2006 Saul Bell Design Award Grand Prize Winner. 18k gold, Yellow Sapphires


Church ring. Sterling Silver with Citrine dome and 18k gold cross inside


Emily’s ring. 18k white and yellow gold, white and yellow diamonds


Blossom & Wave pendant. Platinum, Diamonds, Pink & blue sapphires


House cufflinks. 18k white and rose gold, Carnelian


Morsecode necklace. Sterling Silver, 22k gold, Yellow Sapphires

To learn more about Eva and see her storytelling creations, visit her site.


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