Beverly Tadeu. Miniature wearable sculptures

The American artist Beverly Tadeu describes her work as having a “fragile, ethereal quality that belies its inherent strength and durability.” The jeweler solders forged and formed pieces of 18k gold and silver to form intricate patterns. Her strict focus on metal and the capacity of capturing the essence of softness and grace is impressive.
Beverly studied sculpture in college and translated her knowledge to what she calls ‘miniature sculptures’. The artist creates open structure which allows people to glimpse inside to spaces usually unseen, to the play of shadows and layers revealed.

White Pod Necklace. Oxidized silver, unglazed porcelain

Bracelet. Oxidized sterling silver

Mini Rooted Earrings. Oxidized sterling silver, 18k yellow gold

Necklace. Oxidized sterling silver

Necklace. Oxidized sterling silver, gold

Mod Pods earrings. Silver, gold

Necklace. Silver, gold

Necklace. Silver, gold

Bracelet. Oxidized sterling silver, 18k yellow gold

To learn more about Beverly and see her amazing creations, visit her site.


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