Aquamarine mystery of March

The color of aquamarine contains a rich and mysterious shade of silver-pale blue, mystery of the sea surface which reflects the vastness of the azure sky.

The treasure of mermaids it was a talisman for sailors and naval commanders, was considered a stone of friendship and fidelity and could calm stormy emotions and give peace and tranquility.

The first mention of aquamarine is found in 1609’s work “Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia” by the physician and naturalist Anselmus de Boodt , whom, by the way, many historians consider the founder of modern mineralogy. He first identified the blue variety of beryl. In 1798 the French chemist Louis Nicolas Vauclin proved that from a chemical point of view, aquamarine is precisely beryl.

The saturation of the shade of the crystal depends on the content of iron and varies from greenish to dark blue. Today, due to routine processing of stone treatment and market value of pure blue shades, any green impurities are removed and aquamarine acquires a bright pure color. The main supplier of these crystals is Brazil, but it is also mined in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Africa, Ural and Transbaikalia.

Aquamarine was used in jewelry from antique to modern times and succeded to reflect the spirit of various periods and styles.

Roman gold wedding ring with aquamarine. 3rd century

Weighing 10,363 carats the “Dom Pedro”, the largest faceted aquamarine, is on display at the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution. The crystal was cut from an enormous aquamarine found in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil by Bernd Munsteiner, an Idar-Oberstein-based gem cutter.

Beryl variety aquamarine. The Dom Pedro aquamarine (10,363 cts) Pedra Azul, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Beryl intaglio with portrait of Julia Domna ca. A.D. 200–210


Gold ring with acquamarine by Fabio Cammarata


Gold earrings with acquamarines by Victor Falcao

Gold ring with diamonds and aquamarine by Andrew Grima

Tiffany & Co. Gift Wrap Aquamarine Diamond Brooch


Thistles corsage ornament designed by René Lalique, circa 1905


The Queen’s Elizabeth II Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara


Carved Black Chalcedony and Aquamarine Brooch by Robert Guyon

Necklace with ruthenium plated sterling silver and drilled aquamarines by Daphne Krinos

Jee Hye Kwon, 2015. Oxidized sterling silver, aquamarine.


Loren Nicole Gold ring with acquamarine

Kika Alvarenga. Oxidized earrings with acquamarine

14k yellow gold with sapphires and aquamarine crystal by Linda Kindler Priest

Hemmerle earrings in silver, iron, and white gold, with sapphires and aquamarine.

Necklace with ruthenium plated sterling silver and drilled aquamarines by Daphne Krinos


Gold and titanium ring with sapphires and acquamarine cabochon by Lydia Courteille

Hemmerle earrings in patinated copper with aquamarines.


Aquamarine Belle Epoque Cameo Brooch


Acquamarine diamond brooch by Naomi Sarna

Fulco di Verdura for Paul Flato. Acquamarine and ruby belt necklace, 1935


Platinum brooch with carved aquamarine, amethyst, purple sapphires, diamonds by Cartier


Titanium and gold brooch with aquamarine and Diamonds by Margherita Burgener


Blister pearl, cultured pearl and aquamarine necklace by Tony Duquette

Oxidized silver ring by aquamarines and blue topaz by Donna Brennan


Aquamarine Lapiz Lazuli and Coral Pendant by Cartier

Aquamarine and diamond ring by Tony Duquette

Acquamarine and dimond brooch by Fabergé with workmaster’s mark of Oscar Pihl, circa 1890


Acquamarine and diamonds ear clips by Suzanne Belperron


Pomellato. 18kt gold ring with green aquamarine cabochon

Art Deco hinged bangle bracelet by Jean Fouquet

18 karat yellow gold ring with a large aquamarine by Milly Swire



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