Yura Bylkov. Expressive titanium

The jewelry of the Russian artist Yura Bylkov is inspired by both organic nature and architecture. His works are very expressive and dynamic.
Intentional negligence, sculptural and geometric forms, iridescent colors ranging from blue to pink give his adornments movement, constant research and intention to create.
Yura studied at the Saint-Petersburg College of Fine Arts and Jewelry design school “Image and Form”. He lives and works in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Rings. Titanium

Ring. Titanium, silver, bronze

T’ma ring. Silver, stone, copper

Zvezdi Ring. Titanium

Stupeni ring. Ceramic, silver, copper

Ring. Titanium, wood

Ring. Lovec series. Titanium, copper, silver

To learn more about Yura Bylkov and see his amazing creations, visit his instagram page.



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