Born and raised in Moscow, I graduated the philology department of the Russian State University for Humanities in 2008 and worked as a interpreter and translator in the design and cinematography.

After completing my Master Degree in Language and Literature, I entered the Milan University to continue my study. As an interpreter I collaborated with the theater companies, italian craftsmen and artisan family factories.

More I stayed in Italy and saw design and craftswork around, more I faschinated with this world. I started to study Fashion Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing in the Milan Ambrosian School of Jewelry Making, attended courses in Moscow and took masterclasses in wax modelling. I discovered the beauty of artisan work and power of craftmanship that could evoke and inspire reflection, capture new memories.

Lauched in 2017, this blog/magazine is for all jewelry lovers. I write about history and designers, exhibitions and books, modern jewelers and celebrities who left an imprint and influenced the trends. I will be happy to hear your comments, feedback and wishes.

Enjoy the reading!

/ Nastya

More about my education, background and possible collaboration.


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