About Lostinjewels

Launched in 2017, LOST IN JEWELS is an independent digital magazine about jewelry art in its various manifestations. We strive to explore why people all over the world throughout history have made, sold, worn, inherited, enjoyed and researched jewels, as well as faked, squandered, altered and destroyed. We do not pursue for breaking news or amount of updated content, instead we prefer interesting stories and thoughtful, meaningful insight on jewelry in its close connection with cultural, historical and social context. Our intention is to place jewelry in a broad perspective and in relation to other art forms and visual disciplines, suggesting a point of view that challenges and invites dialogue.
Nastya Ivlieva

Nastya Ivlieva, Lostinjewels’ Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Nastya Ivlieva, Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Born and raised in Moscow, she graduated from the Philology department of the Russian State University for Humanities in 2008 and worked as an interpreter,  a translator and a writer in the fields of design and cinematography. After completing her Master Degree in Language and Literature, she entered the Milan State University to continue her studies. 

In Italy  she collaborated as an interpreter and linguistic mediator with theatrical productions such as Andrei Konchalovsky and Lev Dodin, Italian artisans and family factories. The experience that mixed both tradition of craftsmanship and representation of reality through an object or an expressive statement, approached her to jewelry making. She entered the Italian goldsmith school while attending various courses in jewelry design, history and digital marketing. 

Driven by her passion for writing Nastya launched her storytelling platform where she has shared carefully curated fine, art and vintage jewelry, placing it in a multidisciplinary context. 

She works as jewelry advisor and collaborates with jewelry companies as brand consultant, content editor and strategist.

I’m often asked “why jewelry”. My answer is “simple curiosity”.
Jewelry is one of the most ancient objects. It has survived and reflected all the ups and downs of humanity. It is made by people, worn by people for other people. We actually do not have to wear jewelry. But we do and, besides, attribute value to it.
This small artifact embodies our desires, memories, beliefs and fears, represents our need for self-expression and identity. It has become an independent expression of act, thought or time.

Nastya Ivlieva

Contact me at info@lostinjewels.com if you have jewelry news to share, want to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, to highlight events or are thinking of increasing your brand awareness and differentiating your business from the competitors.

Olga Zakharova-Kaetano

Olga Zakharova-Kaetano, Lostinjewels’ Editorial Director

Olga Zakharova-Kaetano, Editorial Director

Born in Moscow, graduated from Moscow State University with a Ph.D degree in soil microbiology in 2002 and then again – as a journalist, specialised in International journalism – in 2006. Between those degrees she made her path from a graphic designer in a small advertising agency to the creative director of her own PR and design bureau. 

Her career shifted after the trauma, she restarted as an editor and an author in various Russian news outlets, covering all sorts of stories. But her main area of expertise is fashion industry, luxury market and jewellery. As a fashion director and a columnist, the editor-in-chief and the founder of the digital fashion media (Fashionista.ru), she gained experience and knowledge from the first hands in the field – from creatives themselves, professional brand- and PR-specialists, jewellery designers, gallerists, from fashion community, in general.

After moving to Italy in 2014 she changed her audience. In 2016 she started an her personal Instagram blog, and became a contributing editor in English fashion and lifestyle media. Her PR agency became a consulting agency for companies and professionals looking for the PR, social media and content management experts for audit and strategic planning for their campaigns, for visuals and writing production, site development.

In 2022 she joined the Lostinjewels.com as an Editorial Director – to reshape and restart the jewellery media as a platform for the whole community of jewellery professionals and admirers.

What is that I see in jewellery? It’s much more than accessory for me. It’s part of my personal past, taste, it’s a message. It’s a powerful inspiration: I see design, ideas, concepts, innovations, materials and techniques. I think about people behind them, and about jewels’ owners. I wonder how they’ll fit into the fashion now and tomorrow. Historical associations or the history itself are always in play. Each jewel has its own background. Even if it’s just a visual story – a part of the fabulous photography – my work is to tell it, to make it as precious for the reader as the gems themselves.

Olga Zakharova-Kaetano

Contact me at editorial@lostinjewels.com if you have jewelry news to share, want to learn more about submission and contribution opportunities.