About Lostinjewels

In a world where the beauty of jewelry often takes center stage, Lostinjewels emerges as an independent digital magazine that delves deeper into the intricate artistry, history, and cultural significance behind these dazzling adornments. Launched in 2017, Lostinjewels sets itself apart by offering a unique perspective on the world of jewelry that goes beyond trends and breaking news.
Jewelry has been an integral part of human history, transcending time, geography, and culture. Lostinjewels recognizes the profound impact that jewelry has had on societies around the world. It explores the reasons why people have created, cherished, and passed down these precious adornments, as well as the darker aspects of the jewelry world, including counterfeiting and destruction.
What sets Lostinjewels apart from other jewelry publications is its commitment to thoughtful, meaningful insights. Rather than focusing on breaking news or churning out a high volume of content, Lostinjewels places a premium on storytelling and the broader context in which jewelry exists. Each article, feature, and interview aims to deepen our understanding of jewelry's connection to culture, history, and society.

At the heart of Lostinjewels is its passionate and knowledgeable founder, Nastya Ivlieva. Born and raised in Moscow, Nastya embarked on a journey that led her to the world of jewelry art. With a background in philology and experience as an interpreter, translator, and writer in design and cinematography, she possessed a unique set of skills that would eventually converge with her love for jewelry.

In Italy, Nastya Ivlieva found herself at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. She collaborated as an interpreter and linguistic mediator with distinguished theatrical productions, working alongside luminaries like Andrei Konchalovsky and Lev Dodin. This experience not only enriched her linguistic repertoire but also provided her with a unique understanding of the representation of reality through expressive statements.

What truly drew Nastya towards jewelry was the melding of tradition and artistry within the Italian jewelry craft. The allure of artisanal mastery and the profound narratives that jewelry could convey ignited her passion for this extraordinary art form.

Nastya’s journey into the world of jewelry art continued as she immersed herself in Italian goldsmithing schools and enrolled in various courses in jewelry design, history, and digital marketing. This fusion of knowledge and hands-on experience shaped her into a bona fide jewelry connoisseur.

Driven by her innate passion for writing and her desire to share the world of jewelry with a global audience, Nastya Ivlieva founded Lostinjewels. This digital platform has become a treasure trove of carefully curated fine, art, and vintage jewelry, all contextualized within a multidisciplinary framework.

Today, Nastya Ivlieva stands as not just a writer and curator but as a trusted advisor in the jewelry industry. Her unparalleled expertise allows her to collaborate with jewelry companies as a brand consultant, content editor, and strategist.

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