Jill Hermans. Iridescent colours.

Iridescent colours, caged within a pattern of fluid contour lines distinguished the works of contemporary Australian jeweller Jill Hermans. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Metals and Jewellery) at Monash University and since graduating has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

She employs the Japanese alloy shibuichi, a combination of copper and silver. The colours in her work form as a natural reaction between heat applied to the thick oxide layer that develops on the surface of the metal.
Jill mentioned that on her jewelry the Japanese avant-garde art group Gutai (1954-72) had a great influence. It  was one of the most important artist collectives in postwar Japan and renowned for their unconventional expressive forms and creativity. 

Left: Tsuyoshi Maekawa (b. 1936), Work 130931, 1963. Mixed media and oil on canvas. Right: Atsuko Tanaka (1932-2005), Work, 1975. Enamel on canvas.

Colorful and textured surfaces of her jewelry she discovered a balance between simplicity and complexity and embraces the idea of a creative work as “the result of investigating the possibilities of calling the material to life”.

Brooch, 2011. Shibuichi, stainless steel pin

Brooch. Sterling silver, copper

Atsuko Tanaka

Brooch. Shibuichi, silver

Earrings. Sterling silver, shibuichi

To see more amazing creations of Jill Hermans visit her site.


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