Aaron Macsai. Asymmetrical symmetry

His often asymmetrical jewelry has an unique dynamic symmetry. Aaron likes to work with metal by hands: “I forge, extrude, bend, file, solder, fuse gold; sandblast and polish. I am fascinated by the marriage of metals – combining various colors of 18K gold with polished silver and etched copper. Fluid motion, visual or literal, is a key element in all of my work. Every step in the creation of each piece demands nothing less than a consuming level of attention and a complete dedication to detail”.

The jeweler himself melts gold, which allows him to receive various shades of it. He creates products, drawing with spirals, curls, cones, zigzags and repetitive forms.

Brooch. Gold, diamonds, tanzanite

Bracelet. Gold

Brooch. Gold, diamond, opal

Ring. Gold, silver

Brooch. Gold, diamond

Figures. Gold, diamonds, glass

Brooch. Gold, opal

Pendent. Gold, diamond

Brooch. Gold, diamond

Pendent. Gold, diamond

Pendant. Gold, diamond

Pendant. Gold, diamond


To see more works and the jewelry making process visit the artist’s website


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